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President's Welcome

Maya Mehan, 2020-21 President

St Catharine's College

Hi, I’m Maya and I am delighted to introduce you to the Cambridge University Women in Business Society (CAMWIB). I am honoured and excited to be leading the fantastic 2020-21 committee.


My vision for the society this year is to further promote diversity whilst fostering a stronger sense of community among our members. We are also striving for gender equality and more diversity in the workplace.


We hope to support and empower self-identifying females and non-binary students at Cambridge by providing them with the skills, knowledge and network they need in order to succeed both at university and beyond.


We hope you are well and keeping safe during lockdown. Although the coronavirus pandemic has prevented CAMWIB from being actively involved with students at the University of Cambridge, we decided to use this unprecedented lockdown as an opportunity to reflect on our society and to strengthen our virtual presence.


We have made use of our social media platforms to engage with our members online, by continuing to provide them with useful resources as well as launching a virtual event series, which includes zoom webinars and Instagram lives with guest speakers as well as the launch of our virtual ‘podcast’ club. These events have been widely attended and have enabled CAMWIB to continue to provide our members with the skills, connections and expertise they need to succeed in their career.


A silver lining of the pandemic is that it has given us more time to reflect on CAMWIB’s goals as a Society. Diversity is central to CAMWIB’s values; we aspire to a workplace with equal opportunities regardless of gender, class, sexuality or race. Our society stands in solidarity with the BlackLivesMatter movement and we endeavour to support the black community at Cambridge and beyond. We are currently working towards creating a more diverse range of events for the next academic year to ensure that students of all backgrounds, interests and abilities can benefit from and be a part of CAMWIB.


We hope that the students at Cambridge have benefited from our virtual presence this term and we endeavour to further promote diversity and continue to support our female and non-binary community both virtually and at Cambridge in the next academic year.


The Cambridge University Women in Business Society (CAMWIB) aims to provide companies with a forum to address a group of female students of Cambridge University who are interested in a career in business and likewise for students to meet key corporate decision makers and learn about their companies and the industries in which they operate. It also aims to provide female students with valuable networking opportunities with like-minded students and alumni.

What do we do?

Join CAMWIB to take advantage of the unique environment that Cambridge University offers and maximise the opportunities for your future career. Get inspired by successful female speakers, learn from our workshops, and meet other talented, innovative and driven young women. 

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The 2020-21 committee is made up of self-identifying women from across colleges and subjects. Our interests and backgrounds are diverse - but we share our principles, goals and passion for supporting fellow women in business.

CAMWIB during COVID-19

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