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#2 Tip: How To Pick Your Career Path

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

In this blog post, Lilien (aka Boss Babe) helps you to start thinking about what job roles may be worth pursuing for you. Suggesting questions that are relevant to ask yourself when career searching. (Including worksheet.)


"How to pick you career path.

Keep an open mind

Go on as many open days, work experiences and insight weeks across different career sectors that you are able to take part in.

Joining societies (such as this one), and attending industry talks is a low commitment, and easy way way to hear about the options that are out there for you.

Keep up with this blog, as it explores your different options for you.

Think outside of the box, and think about sectors that are less talked about such as diplomacy, theatre production, and public relations! Again, joining CAMWIB is a brilliant way to begin thinking about your options.

Identify your interests:

An easy way to start thinking about what you enjoy is by thinking about your degree choice. Ask your self questions like:

What specifically do I enjoy about my degree? (Example: As an English student, I really enjoy academic writing)

Which pathway do people that have studied my degree usually take and do any of these appeal to me? (Example: A lot of English graduates go into teaching, publishing, and journalism)

It is also very productive to think about what you do not enjoy, and which pathways you don’t want to pursue (even if you only have a vague idea). Ask yourself:

What subjects did I really dislike at school, and what sectors does this subject feature heavily in. (Example: At school, I disliked science so I won’t enjoy: pharmacology or medicine).

What insight opportunity did you not enjoy, and therefore will not pursue further (Example: Working at a barristers chambers was not very enjoyable, and therefore I’m not interested in pursuing law at the bar.)

What tasks and elements did I not enjoy about my different work experiences or research? (Example: I disliked having the same routine everyday, and would prefer to have a more versatile job role.)

Another way is through thinking about your hobbies and extra-curricular activities. Ask yourself the question:

Why do I enjoy my hobbies and extra-curricular activities? (Example: I like debating because it allows me to articulate my opinions, and ideas about recent political and social events).

Think about your skill set:

Think of your talents and skills and how these apply to different job routes. Ask yourself:

What skills/ talents do you posses? (Example: I’m a good public speaker)

What job roles does this skill feature in? (Example: Public speaking is a good skill for lawyers, politicians, lecturers etc.)"

Worksheet Find your dream Job
Download DOCX • 9KB

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